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I was looking for a performance SUV to replace my Cadillac SRX, which was pretty anemic. Tested the Jaguar F-Pace S, Maserati Levante, BMW X3 M40i, and the Audi SQ5. Went in Thursday afternoon to test drive a black on black TH. 30 seconds into the test drive after the first full throttle run I turned to the dealer and said, "I think you just sold a car." Two hours later I drove out of the dealership. That was two days ago. I am having fun and love the AWD and the way it lays down the power. It's the ticket to stock high performance as demonstrated by the M5 and the S63 AMG.

Otherwise I am the CEO of Triton Submarines LLC. We build deep diving civil subs in Florida. My wife and I are both pilots and fly out of KCOE. We're just planning an around the world flight in a small airplane. She loves to fly, but not necessarily in the TH. Being in the right seat is hard to take...

Look forward to learning what I can here. Thanks!
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