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Ordered and now waiting

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After reaching out to 5 dealerships locally, I finally ordered mine at MSRP. All the good stuff including tow package, which is my most important feature.

My SUV purchases in the past ten years:

2006 Jeep SRT8
2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharged
2010 BMW X5 M
2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous

My first SRT8 was the most exciting! The power and handling compared to any SUV I had ever driven was outstanding. Back then, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S was a dog, with awful turbo lag, and it was unbelievable how such a bargain priced Jeep could annihilate it. My best measured 0-60 in that beast was 4.3s. My SRT8 was the first delivered to the dealer I used, and I paid 2k over MSRP.

The RR Sport Supercharged was a fun capable small SUV, but..... definitely lacking in the performance department.

The BMW X5 M was my worst. What a lemon! I had so many issues with it, but granted the 2010 was the first MY for the M. The twin turbo setup had some serious issues with it, that were fixed in subsequent years. The instant I drove it off the lot, I regretted (it too was the first X5M delivered to my dealer). It had nothing on my 2006. It was simply a very luxurious and soft powerful SUV.

And this leads me to the Tesla. Unbelievable and smooth acceleration and definitely fun from a technology point of view, but it has absolutely no visceral appeal. It's boring. And once you push it hard (which includes driving 100 miles from home), it is such a drag. You end up drafting behind semis on the high way at 62mph trying to reach your destination. While it does have unbelievable and instantaneous acceleration from a stop, at highway speeds it doesn't have such impressive oomph.

My Trackhawk can't come quickly enough!
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Congrats on the order! Waiting for your TrackHawk to arrive is going to be a pain, but worth it!
but wow, you've gone through a variety of SUVs and even a Tesla. Always wanted one, but didn't want to risk getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. At least with the Trackhawk, you can just keep an extra Jerry Can.

Did they give you an estimated delivery time?
I'm kind of surprised that someone with your history of SUV's is coming to the Trackhawk since the SVR Range Rover seems like a nice step up from the Supercharged version. Just about all the RR owners with money I seen went that route.

Ordered... and waiting... Previous SUV was a TBSS. It convinced me Sport SUV's are the best of all worlds.

This Jeep is pricey but hopefully better in every way.

I have owned tons of cars, all brands.. not really a badge bigot, all manufactures have good and bad cars.

Anyway, I look forward to reading more juicy details on the new T-Hawk on this forum.
trading in my RR dynamic for the hawk. yes the svr is nice and rare as well as Blackhawk mentioned but it's missing about 150 horses and almost 150 ft/lbs as the hawk. The interior is nice and luxurious. although many have had problems with their rovers I have not. I like how the svr handles much better than the rr dynamic and I am a little confused how the trackhawk pulls only a .88 on the skidpad? Same as SRT ( which I owned prior to the RR). I thought it would handle much better and it is going to have an upgraded suspension. The x5m is throwing around some pretty good numbers and I figured Jeep wanted release something that was faster ( which it did) and also could handle better than the SRT and compete with the other vehicles.
Get some 305's all round and you might add some G's. Hawk Tyres are the same as the SRT.. which is probably why G's are similar..
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