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I have experienced the so called power drop when launching in track mode without launch control. I am the type of driver that if something goes wrong, i try to repeat the situation and see if it’s a one time thing or repeatable.
Well the launch from 0 with power cut was repeatable for me. On the 4th launch my cluster was showing D but the gearbox was in N and the CEL appeared. After restart all went to normal except CEL.

took the TH in today to get oil changed and check code thrown.

P0731- 1st gear ratio error.

it seems that the power cut issues people have been talking about is related more to the gearbox than fueling, transfer case and so on. It is violent also, the surge in power launching, than all of a sudden the seatbeat is strangling you.

what i find strange is launch control works by torqueing 1st gear which means the clutches are slipping so they must be much stronger than 2nd-8th. Why would 1st gear be slipping on a regular idle launch?
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