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Playing in the snow

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I picked up my wife's Velvet Red TrackHawk this week. Took it out to play in the snow a bit today (it was -1 outside too!!). This vehicle is Velvet Red over the standard black interior but with red seat belts. Also has the black wheels on the standard all season Pirelli Scorpion Verde RFTs. The vehicle actually handles really well in the snow and is a blast to drive. I used regular mode (with most settings in street) and also tried the snow mode. You can really feel the difference is power in snow mode, since it loses about 200hp in that setting. I was happy with the performance of the all season tires, though clearly, a dedicated snow tire would be even better. Basically handles winter just about as well as my former 2015 Summit 4x4 V8. Looking forward to completing break-in and being able to really exercise it. Also waiting on my replacement TrackHawk (to replace the one that had cooling system problems) which should be built shortly.
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Good to hear. Mine came with three season tires, so I immediately went up to my local shop to put winters on it. That was Dec 16, and I have been gone for the past three weeks, so I haven't driven it in snow yet.
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