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Potential Trackhawk Issues

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I am currently working on an out-of-state TH purchase. My plan is to drive my SRT to the dealer when the TH comes in. I want to complete the deal quickly as possible. Of course I will do an inspection and road test before finalizing the deal. However, I want to have the dealer do an inspection/road test prior to me coming, in case any issues require time to repair of order parts.

So I've decided to compile a list of issues I experienced with my SRT, and TH issues I have read about so far such as:

dash carbon fiber inserts separating

water in headlights

engine overheating

excessive trans shifting clunks

Any further recommendations?
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I just finished my out of state deal. I flew into Knoxville, TN and purchased my TH and just got back today after driving the 480 miles. No issues so far. So far none of the above issues you talked about have been a problem.
Just bought mine this week right off the showroom floor. I have no way of knowing if the vehicle had any problems when the dealer initially received it but I did take a test drive before buying and didn't find any problems. I only have 200 miles on it so far and all is well. I would be very concerned if any new car dealer would have me pick up a new $100k vehicle and it had any problems. Any issues should be corrected before a customer comes in to pickup his car.
I have the rattle on braking, rattle coming from the rear cargo area and the recall. So, not overly impressed with initial build quality. I know this is what the warranty is for, but I expected more from a $90k vehicle.
My performance pages quit working a few days ago "WTF".... Every time I'd try to load them it would eventually give me an error and then say to try again later. OK, so I did some reading on other forums and found this was not an uncommon problem. (Never had it happen on my other SRT's) Recommendations where things like, stop the car and restart it, (did not work) take it to the dealer, (that's an hour away for me) reset the entire uconnect system (there's a good uTube video on how to do that from a hidden menu that the dealers use) and then one I found that said, "just wait a few days". What? Wait a few days? What good would that do? Well, it worked for me. Something got updated (or it fixed itself :grin2::surprise:) without me taking any actions.

The next day I went out to try a few things and to my amazement it was already fixed. Not only fixed, but working better than it did on the day I bought the vehicle. When I first got the vehicle, it took 35 to 40 seconds to load the performance pages. Now they load in about 20 seconds.
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I am up to 1500 miles right now with no issues. I did have a rattle noise in the back while driving but after pulling closed the cargo cover the noise went away.
Same rattle here from the cargo cover. That has been my only issue. Love this thing.
Add me to the list of the cargo cover rattle. Close the cargo cover and no more noise. Odd, since this is the same cargo cover in the other Grand Cherokees. I wonder if the firmer suspension causes a rattle from more vertical jounce.
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