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Racing Brake rear Big Brake Kit on my TrackHawk

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I bought this kit last year November but due to my flight schedules I wasn’t able to install it till this July, I really like how it looks in the rear wheels, almost as big as the fronts, these rear rotors are 390mm OD. The calipers are slightly bigger than the stock calipers and i like the contrast the bolts give it, imo making it look aggressive, unfortunately the color is not a match and I’m debating painting the front to match or maybe when my Demon fronts need replacing I might go with the Brembo Big Brake Kit and paint those calipers since RB does not make a front Caliper/Rotor Kit for our TrackHawks. I’ve been running the Demon/GiroDisc front and rear rotors now for 3 years and have no complaints what so ever, they’ve performed flawlessly, but I did want a bit better braking performance for my driving style and RB has stated a more balanced controlled braking feel with a bit less nose dive and I must say it hasn’t disappointed, I don’t track my Hawk or 1/4 mile it but I do drive the hell out of it and spirited driving is an understatement, I drive fast and am on the brakes hard, I like 100mph to 150mph pulls and my brakes get a work out. i have, since install, put over 1500 miles on this new brake kit and I can tell and feel a much better braking fell, better stopping power, how to put it, before when getting on the brakes hard and feeling the nose dive I could feel my upper chest and shoulders press into the seat belt shoulder strap and head go fwd, now in the same hard braking conditions I feel more of my butt and lower body move fwd against my waist seat belt, nose dive is also less can’t say it’s a lot less but it’s definitely less (I wonder if the DS suspension controller would help more in nose dive) and like the fact that the downshifting occurs a lot sooner and quicker as well, side effect of the Big Brake Kit? being that it’s better balanced? Don’t know, haven’t figured it out yet but the addition of this RB rear Big Brake Kit definitely slows down my TrackHawk faster then before.

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Compare to front Demon/stock front caliper,

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I’ll get a few pics of the install and also compare caliper size and rotors, also the rear rotor hat and the parking brake track, had some issues with the hardware and install, RB is looking into it and I’m waiting on the solution, standing by an will post more pics.
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Nice set up! Thanks for sharing your experience.
Just saw this post, indeed what a huge difference any type of upgraded rotors does as to the stock. Ty for sharing
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