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redline deposit done

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just put my deposit down on a redline w red interior sig package and every option except , 3 season tires, trailer package, compact spare tire, and entertainment system. the red seat belt option would not work with red int package so dealer is assuming that the red belts must come with them. I always go Black/Black everytime but seeing the redline on the jeep website gave me chills. 97k for a jeep seems nuts but when they make a limited version of a badass vehicle its tough to not get excited. The only other vehicle that would get me this excited would be a 2018 buick gnx. I was told 8k above and said no. then 5k above and said no. then he called me and said he would do at msrp. dealer invoice 81663.
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I think the red belts are only an option for the red interior, I'd double check that with your dealer to make sure. I believe the stock belts even with yours are black, and the only time they can be ordered as an option is if you've selected the dark ruby red interior they match.

I just ordered mine today too...
Ok I guess he tried to do it a few times and add the $95 but it wouldn't let him do it for some reason. I did get the signature ruby leather interior also.
Have the GM at the dealership check with his Jeep rep, cause if that box isn't checked I don't think you're getting matching ruby red belts.
He is going to call jeep tomorrow. Thank you for the heads up!!
Sure, no problem.

I've spent so much time educating myself on this process since Thursday that I've actually had to educate some of the dealers on how this process works, it's been quite comical. I walked into one dealer and told him I was interested in a Trackhawk and he said, "you must be mistaken it's called Trailhawk". I kept correcting him and he wouldn't buy it, I'm not kidding. He had never heard of a Trackhawk, he thought I had no clue what the **** I was talking about.
Hahah that is hilarious. Yeah You should have said I want a trackhawk for a trailhawk price. I read your post about how many were going to be in production and that today was the day to buy. That was cool. I can't imagine what people would pay for these overseas like in Dubai and so forth. Hopefully they keep them limited unlike AMG.
If we charted in relation to MSRP what everyone has been paying for these since they were released on the 10th, the low point on that chart will be August 14th I'm my opinion.

I had another dealer that couldn't even find it in his system, so I turned his computer screen around and showed him where online you could find all of the options, with both the MSRP and dealer invoice prices. Needless to say, I couldn't place an order with him either since he was lost.

And the dealership I've been servicing my 2010 GC SRT8 at was a total joke, I've been going there for 8 years for any/all service work, and they totally alienated me. I actually called the salesman an idiot as I was walking out of the dealership, it was that bad. Then proceeded to put a deposit on one no more than 20 minutes later. I hope he lost his allocation at the close of business today.
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I have to agree with you on the numbers . Guy told me aug 11 it was 8k above msrp and then 5k above on the 12 and then called and said if I did it today it was at msrp. So I saved 8k on the 14th today. Sorry you had such a bad first experience but in a few months it will all be worth it.
Well it wasn't all bad per say, but Jeep should've definitely educated their dealers better. The build and price area on their own website wasn't even active and available till 3 days after the order banks were opened.

But my experience with my own servicing dealership was soured for sure. On Thursday (in person) they told me they had a list 5 deep willing to pay 30k over, but they'd sell me their allocation at 40k over. I laughed at their lies, and said I could buy a dozen at MSRP right now and left. But I ended up needing to go back there today cause I couldn't find an ivory tricoat at any other dealership on the lot, and I wanted to see it in person before ordering it. So there I was again this morning looking at this ivory tricoat GC SRT8, and a different salesman approached me this time. I asked him if they had sold their allocation yet, and he said no. I said quote me a price, I'm buying one today. He went to check with his GM and came back and told me we'll sell it at MSRP. I said ok, now we're getting somewhere, here are my keys please give me trade in value on my 2010 GC SRT8. He takes my keys and walks away and returns a few seconds later and said it's now at MSRP plus 25k! I couldn't contain my aggravation with their greed, lies and game playing at that point. So that's when I grabbed my keys out of his hand and said good luck with that and called him an idiot right in front of another customer and bolted. I then proceeded to put in the low of the move on that trading chart I was referencing, as I don't think anyone will beat what I paid for mine.
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They all suck screw them all and I'm glad you got a good deal. ??
Ordered my Trackhawk. Granite over red with black wheels. Red seat belts are standard with red signature leather pkg. I ordered all options except 3 season tires and RSES. Production starts mid Sept. Can not wait to get it!
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