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Retractable mirrors?

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Does anyone know if the TrackHawk will come with folding side view mirrors?

The 2 versions at the NY auto show did not have the button.

This minor option is very important to me, I use it often on my Summit. I can't imagine it not making it to the 2018 version of the top of the line Jeep.
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I can't really see why they would drop it but it is a possibility? Either way, if they aren't power folding mirrors, they'll definitely be able to be "pushed" and folded?
Hi, I have owned 2 SRT Jeeps and believe it or not they DO NOT come with Power folding mirrors!! (The mirrors do fold in) Isn't that ridiculous!! I just paid $76K for my 2017

So DON'T count on the new one to have that option either! I still love the SRT though!
Well that answers that haha. Thanks @tkonradjr

I'm not bothered by it, I don't mind not having power folding mirrors lol
What was at shows might have been a pre production model so take what you seen with a grain of salt till the reviews start rolling in. Those will be closer to what we get. But i could be wrong.
Going off of the models at the show is a tougher one. But would the one at the launch really be lacking anything?
The TrackHawk does NOT come with power folding mirrors or mirror mounted puddle lights like the Summit and Overland. Also miss the illuminated door sills from my Summit.
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