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Saying hello

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I'm in Georgetown Texas and saying hello. I'm new to the club lol. Just ordered my track hawk. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
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Above msrp? I have until Sunday to pay $8k above msrp or it's gone. Too much ?
That stinks. I paid msrp and of course added options. When I spoke with them the day before ordering they told me they had 1 allocation and it wasn't me and they were selling with 5k add on above msrp. Then called me today and said 2 people in front of me were waiting till next allocation so today dealer calls me and says come in. After we went through build out and we got to pricing, tax, title and added options I noticed they did not add 5k. Needless to say i didn't remind them. What I'm hearing is dealerships are adding cost but there is speculation as to whether jeep will factor that with the future rounds of allocations and I'm hearing people say they are waiting for future allotments to get msrp. 8k seems very high but it's also a gamble. Demand in your area can jump and dealers will charge whatever, supply and demand, or they risk losing their allocations because people will not pay more. I think I got lucky, I was 3rd on a list and the 1st & 2 were not ready, each dealership has 4 days to sell their 1 allotment, if not sold they will not get more. My dealership I think wanted to sell the 1, so lucky me, I was ready, now the dealership will get more next week, (from pool of dealerships who didn't sell 1) and then based on sales for 2017 most sold jeep grand cherokee srt, most jgc, and so on determine how many more trackhawks they can sell. I'm in Austin Texas and my dealership does well so hopefully others will luck out. I can't answer your question for you but the average I'm hearing is 5k. So perhaps take this knowledge and tell the dealership to help each other. They can sell a car, meet the allocation quota, and then in turn make more money potentially. Personally I don't think next week after 2nd round of allotments people will get them at msrp but it's possible. I got lucky. Let me know how you do!!! Btw, Sunday is their 4th day so maybe tell them msrp or no. Risky. If they have a back up buyer it won't help but if not and they are relying on you, you habe the control, they need you to get more, and then they have more flexibility., but if they don't sell one they're screwed.
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I did change color. I went with rhino.
Thank you for your feedback. I called a friend who owns a Jeep dealership told me to wait until tomorow and not do a thing to see if he can get me at msrp. Although he did say dealerships were adding 15k above? I thought 5k would be the number as well and if I remember correctly that is what this guy told me at first and then went up 3k which stinks because with it loaded up it does end up being like 98k add 8 that's 106k. Hopefully I get good news tomorow. I will be trading in my RR sport for it as there are many of them around but I guess only 6k trackhawks will be produced. I really like the redline as I am a habitual black car guy my whole life.
I've heard production is closer to 3k. They only did 3k for hellcat so it's reasonable to expect jeep to do same or even 2500. But I don't think it's 6k! Which is even better
They have 2 reds so check them both
It's 6k production. I like the redline. Got a quote of 2500 above which better but have to wait until tues to confirm that. One guy has option of declining. It's a 5500 gamble. Worth the risk in my eyes.
I usually take those production numbers they give out with a grain of salt because a few times I have seen car makers suggest that then turn around and increase the amount of shifts building these and the allotment.
I was told there will be 5300 made in total for 2018 MY only. 5000 for the US market and 300 for Canada, similar to the Demon except the US gets 2k more of these.

You gotta love Jeep for helping us out with this allocation process, as they created a buyer's market for an ultra exclusive limited production vehicle if you understood the allocation process and how to fully take advantage of it. I don't think anyone of you want to know what I paid for mine...

I think once the final allocation numbers for each dealership are known later this week, that the prices will go back up as there won't be any rush to get them sold at that point. Dealers can sit on them knowing how rare and limited it'll be. Today was the day to buy, cause if many of these dealers didn't get their allocation sold today, they weren't going to sell one - period.

Now we all go into a holding pattern playing the waiting game.
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