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Scott from Chicago

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Hi All - Just registered, thinking I may have to grab a Trackhawk as my next ride. Current stable is '15 Mercedes AMG S63 (daily), '03 SVT Cobra (weekends), and '15 GMC Yukon Denali XL (kid hauler).

Looking for input on how the TH would fare as a daily driver before taking the leap.

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Hi Scott. I’m sure others with jeep SRT’s could comment on this. Having had one in the past 2014 and now my daily is a rover sport v8 supercharged I can tell you it will be a sleeper vehicle that is most likely going to be a nice ride and comfortable daily driver like the SRT until you mash your right foot down and the sound and torque will make you smile for ear to ear. The infotainment system is great and much better than my rover. The refinement won’t be as precise and extravagant as your S63 amg as Benz makes an excellent interior and the build quality is second to none in my opinion having a 2014 e63 in the past. Although the ride height and the usefulness of the SUV is what I like about the trackhawk and of course the engine. Most of us are hoping that FCA keeps production numbers down to keep the resale value high but the numbers have yet to be determined I believe. Although I have heard about 2500. Something about having the fastest production SUV is what is the most intriguing to me. Jeep has come a long way. You aren’t going to get the same treatment as you get at benz at the dealerships in my opinion but if that doesn’t matter to you I would say go for it.
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