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SEMA 2016, No TrackHawk

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I was kind of hoping a Trackhawk would make an appearance for SEMA 2016. Guess not. I guess because it's more of a custom car show and it's a production vehicle rather than something they just fabbed up like the "Ram Macho Power Wagon" (Hellcat engine shoehorned in to a new Ram Rebel)

What's the next show, or what do you think would be the show that the Jeep TrackHawk would be unveiled at ?
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Next show coming up is the LA Auto Show during the last week of this month, it's one of the biggest shows in America, but right now there's still now word on if we'll see it then. Mopar/Jeep has been tight-lipped so far.
For some reason I still feel like it's too early. I would love for them to unveil it at the LA Auto Show but I don't see it happening. We've recently caught drift of a video of the Trackhawk, or what we believe to be the Trackhawk, on the roads testing that still wore camo. There's no talks about anything officially yet I don't think.
I think Jeep is more likely to reveal it in the first quarter of next year than the end of this one. Maybe the Detroit show in January as that seems to be larger than the LA one.
The Detroit Auto Show would be a great place to unveil it. In the motor city itself.

Well, let's hope for the best. The Mopar booth did bring some pretty cool vehicles for SEMA but I think the Jeep TrackHawk deserves more focus to it. To add something to the Hellcat lineup, it should stand out on it's own ?
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