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Since it's a Jeep that would be tough for FCA to even consider. It's the top selling SUV, like ever... Lol.

Now if the limited production to a few thousand per year, that would be cool. It would help the values hold up over longer periods of time and would help keep it away from the all the soccer moms that want the most expensive Jeep offering because they'd all be snagged up. (No offense to any soccer moms reading this, if you're here on the this forum you're probably pretty cool)

I drive a Giulia Quadrifoglio for my daily, they made less than 900 for the US markets for 2017. I have only ever seen one other local to me. He's an Alfa nut so he has a couple classic Alfas as well as the Quadrifoglio. I see AMGs and ///M and S/RS Audis everywhere.
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