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Six Jeep Trackhawks Stolen From The Plant

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Rumors of stolen Hellcat powered Jeep Trackhawks were circulating around the internet and the number of missing vehicles started to creep up as time went by. Now Jalopnik has been told by a spokeswoman for Fiat Chrysler that six Trackhawks were stolen from the Jefferson North Assembly Plant on Nov. 17, 2017.

The exact details of this heist remains a mystery, but from our brief look at the plant’s layout on Google Map, it seems like sneaking out one vehicle, let alone six unnoticed will be a challenge. Half the plant’s parking lot is blocked off from the main road by a fence and railway tracks with a security gate blocking off the only entrance/exit. The other half is similarly blocked off with a fence and the Detroit police department is just across the street.

Powered by a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine, the Trackhawk is Jeep’s most expensive model with an entry-level price of $85,900. Times that number by six and the thieves got away with just a bit over half-a-million dollars worth of vehicles, assuming what was stolen is not equipped with any extra parts.

So far only one vehicle has been found, though FCA is keeping quiet on the circumstances of its recovery.
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I hope mine was not one of them, but maybe that would explain the delay I am getting.
More worried about who's getting the recovered vehicle because Jeep got one of them back. Pretty funny how a poster on that site found a listing for six hellcat crate engines. :D
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