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This is the most comprehensive guide to TPMS on the Jeeps that I have found. If you go to wk2jeeps and then put a /wk2tpms after the dot com, it should take you to the TPMS page. I'm too new on this forum to post a properly formatted link. Nothing on there references that there is anything you can do from inside the vehicle or settings to re-learn. You will likely need a tire shop to use their scanner.

I recently bought TPMS sensors for aftermarket wheels for my 2018 and they were not being read by the vehicle. What I learned is that they are actually dormant when shipped to save battery life. I had to have a service tech "wake them up" following this instruction from the site above.

"Use the TPM-RKE Analyzer, 9936, with the Scan Tool to program the WIN with the tire pressure sensor ID. This is part of the TPM Diagnostic Verification Test."

I'm wondering if there is something similar with that scan tool that can re-learn for you.
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