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Trackhawk deprecation?

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As the title states. How do you think these things will hold up. Couldnt believe how well my raptor has when the dealer apprasied it for a hawk today. Do you guys thing the hawk will deprecate bad? Cant believe how bad the hellcats have.
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My guess is that they will depreciate but not as quickly as BMW/Mercedes/Porsche does. For as many wranglers are sold they retain their value quite well and are always in high demand. The wrangler is a niche and highly customizable vehicle. The grand Cherokees in general seem to tank in value relatively quickly and like the Germans are more of a luxury market. I would argue the reason the trackhawk will hold its value is the trackhawk will be seen as a performance vehicle as opposed to a luxury or gimmick vehicle which would tank quickly.

I don't think too many Cayenne/Macan/Levante/X5M/X6M/GLE/Tesla/Q7 owners are going to leave their vehicles for the trackhawk but I do think Range Rover/Denali/Navigator/Escalade owners will consider making the switch. Maybe X5M owners because it is such a direct competitor though and the trackhawk offers better towing. Another consideration is that Jeep SRTs nearly sell out every one that is built. I am sure many people will buy a used trackhawk over a brand new Jeep SRT at the same price point and so I would bet the bottom will hold at least a few grand over the SRT model for a year or two until something else is released. The pricepoint already puts the trackhawk out of reach for a large majority of people but I think the demand will remain because people love their SUVs. The price will also likely limit the number produced the same as many other vehicles and that will help retain value.

Personally, I am a Jeep fanatic and will likely only own Jeeps. I think the Trackhawk targets more of a purest niche and not people who are trying to make a statement about their wealth etc. I think that market segment is large enough for them to retain their value for the most part. Audi RS4 (2007/8) and RS6 (2003) have done quite well in their values. The 1998 5.9 has not faired as well until recently. The Germans SUVs haven't done as well but every year they are upgrading and still producing them. Hopefully the 2 year run will help the trackhawk values hold. Similar has happened for the 07/08 wk diesels and even with the EPA bs the wk2 diesels are holding better than their gasser counterparts.

Just some thoughts, but really it's all a guess. If the economy takes a nose dive so will the trackhawk values. As long as the economy holds or grows the values will follow suit is my best guess. The flip side to that is Jeep expects them to lose a lot of value based on their lease terms regardless.

Time will tell...
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Not mentioned above, but the GTR market is probably worth looking at as well. It's similar in that they are awd performance vehicles at similar price points and numbers. They hold their value pretty well and have a cult following. The trackhawk offers a lot more in usability and day to day livability which makes me think the trackhawk will do better.

High horsepower Jeeps that are built well with verifiable performance seem to hold their value too. WK1s that have receipts and time slips or videos showing 10 sec or less times or dyno runs with over 1000 hp are going for more than $40k still. WK2s with similar SC or turbo setups are still in the high 50's to low 60's. They take a lot of time to sell but there are still buyers out there for them.
What are the estimated production numbers for the TH models for '18?
What are the estimated production numbers for the TH models for '18?
2500 starting but looking close to 3000~ish.....
I really hope they don't over produce them even if demand goes up. They did that with the WK2 SRT8s. They made less WK1 SRT8s in total from '06-'10 than they did WK2s in '14, lol. That's going to ruin the value. My daily is a Alfa Giulia QV, they made less than 2k for the US from what I understand. It's not the fastest thing out there, but totally different from your norm ///M and AMGs out there. Quicker too ;)
they will depreciate exactly like the jeep srt's do. About average for the industry I would think. If you think like that anything on the plus side is a positive.
It will depend on how many they make. First year depreciation will be minimal since demand is high right now. Second year and third depreciation could be a lot more but probably not as bad as a Cayenne.
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