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Since no one, not even journalists, got behind the wheel of a Trackhawk as yet, there's a lot to be talked about NOW when it comes to first impression. So, now that the reveal happened with a wealth of photos and videos released, its time to spill what was on your mind look at all this content.

My quick takes comes down to...

  • Grippy 3-season Pirelli Scorpion Verde with improved speed rating
  • Flat bottom steering wheel
  • Stops on a dime with those nearly 16" rear and 14" brembo brakes
  • Android Auto + Apple Carplay (standard)
  • Subtle exterior badges


  • The interior: its okay but they could have done more

If you need a re-cap, the Full Reveal covered a lot, my list doesn't even scrape the surface


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I'm on the fence with it based on aesthetic first impressions. The interior I didn't really expect much to change, but that maroonish color they have seems quite over bearing. The all black looks good but needs something to break it up a bit. Would have liked to see more carbon fiber in there as well.

The exterior of it is a tough one for me. Initially I didn't like how understated it looked and how subtle the differences were between this and the SRT but it kind of provides that sleeper-esque feeling. Really don't like the Trackhawk badges though and think they could have created something more like the Demon and Hellcat badges. A tribal Hawk head for example
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