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First of all I wanted to say that I enjoyed my short time as a Hawk owner discussing things on this forum with all of you. I learned a lot and you helped me out...thanks (y)

I have moved on but I did not leave the Hellcat family. My buddy owns a private dealership that sells only performance cars and he has had this Redeye for a little while. I owned a narrow body Hellcat back in 2017 and the "wide-body" look never really appealed to me. All they did was use double sided tape to mount the fenders on to a narrow body and it always looks that way to me...anyway we worked out a really nice deal and now I am in a 2020 Redeye (12K miles) and with 2 years and 24K still left on the warranty. Plus the full front bumper and entire hood already had been wrapped in Xpel clear bra. And the Red interior just POPS!!! The car sounds and drives amazing...and unlike the Hawk it is not going to destroy anything off the line except the tires but I LOVE that!!!
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