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Trackhawk is here! Also answering some recent questions

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This thing is a beast! I ordered mine on October 2nd and it got here December 30th. Here is everything on mine:

Billet Silver
Black Leather Upgrade
Red Seatbelts
Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof
Harman Kardon Stereo Upgrade
Black Satin Wheels
3 Season Pirelli P-Zero (I live in Texas so wanted the extra grip, no snow here)

I've only driven a couple hundred miles so far but it was definitely worth the wait. Mine did not come with a spare tire even though I know I told my guy to order it. I had a '16 SRT so he just took the spare out of that car and put it in mine for no charge. Another question was about the manuals and window sticker...mine came with all the manuals and window sticker in the glovebox.

I really liked the SRT logo on the wheel caps and on the steering wheel so I had the dealership switch them out from my old car (pictures attached). I'm really looking forward to getting to 500 miles so I can try the launch control. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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