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Trackhawk Ordered

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This is my first post, as I just put a deposit down on a Trackhawk.

I'll be upgrading my 2010 SRT8 by close to 300 horsepower soon...

I'm getting an ivory tricoat with sepia interior.

I'm honored to be joining a very limited club!!!
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Congrats. That's a beautiful color. I had a white SRT before and the black lettering really pops on it. This is a big jump in horses. Picked the redline Myself but I guess we all have the same engine so at the end of the day we will all be grinning from ear to ear. Can't wait to start it up and drive off the lot like I stole it ?
afternoon, new member here, Friday I ordered my Trackhawk. I got bright white with full leather wrapped interior, black/ruby red; black alum wheels, towing pkg, sun roof and upgraded audio.
I'm gonna have to check on the red seat belts, like someone on here already mentioned we were unable to select that option and we assumed it was because I had already selected the blk/ruby interior.
I traded my 2014 GC SRT in towards the Trackhawk, I'm keeping my second car, Torred 2016 Challenger Hellcat.
Like others on here, the waiting begins!
I really like the bright white, I had mine built that way until the last minute. But I changed my mind when I finally saw an ivory tricoat. I also considered the ruby red interior, but opted against it because I didn't think it was worth an extra 7k. I have no interest in an upgraded sound system from Jeep as it won't compare to the options available aftermarket. So I decided to go with the sepia because my last 3 GC SRT8's all had black interior and I wasn't willing to spend so much additional money on what amounts to a color change in slightly better leather since the stereo is getting replaced anyways. That is definitely one of the coolest color combos!

Congrats on the purchase.
Congrats on the white. Great color. I believe you have to check the red seat belt for the black/ruby int. On the full ruby leather upgrade you can't check off the red belts so I believe the package includes red belts. Which makes sense since it's 4995 for the upgrade. I would def do the $95 if I was getting the two tone package. Will look sick. I would call dealer tomorrow to double check. Told a guy w an X5m today I put money down on the trackhawk. He said why would you trade your rover in for a jeep. I said well I will come back in a few months and I will show you. We can race for pink slips. :0
The red seat belts ($95) are standard with the red signature leather interior upgrade ($4,995) which requires the HK Premium Audio option ($1,995). You can also get the red seat belts if you go with the black signature leather pkg or the black standard suede/nappa interior but then you have to pay the $95. The red seat belts are not available with the sepia standard interior color.
Red belts would probably look horrible with sepia anyways.
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