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On October 2nd I was in the left exit lane when a guy in the right lane decided to get back on the highway.
He clipped me in a PIT manouver and spun me into the guardrail..
Almost all the airbags went off.
It was a soft crash and I wasn't hurt.
100% his fault.
Appraiser said 35k salvage value plus hidden damage plus take 6 months to fix.
The Insurance Co has cut me a check for 82,969.98 which is what I paid for it 3 1/2 years and 48k miles ago.
Now it had 58k miles on it at time of crash.
I paid 74,500.00 plus tax for it as a dealer demo with 10k miles and insurance gave me 76,754.00 plus 6715.98
I could go out and get another comparable Trackhawk but I also have my 426 600 hp SRT.
They only offered me 25k for it so now with this turn of events I'll keep it for a while as my second car.
The BMW is supposed to cost 10-15$ to charge for 280 miles .
We will see.

My BMW M60 610 hp 811 :D ft/lb torque EV is built and will be her in 2-3 weeks so it's like getting retail trade in value
for the Trackhawk

Black tire marks in front of passenger rear wheel where he hit me.

So I transfered my new amps and stuff I had just put in to the SRT.

Procharger forged 426 gets 13.5 mpg avg my driving vs 11-11.6 in the Trackhawk after Modern Muscle added 100 hp.

Plastic cap on Positive

The BMW M60 will be this color

with these wheels

The one I test drove in August was a 2022 517 hp M50.
BMW has been making this EV since 2021.

0-60 in 4.5 dec
The M60 is a new 2923 model
0-60 in 3.5 sec


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Glad you are okay, at the very least. Hope it all goes well.
The accident seems to have unpinched some nerves in my back and I haven't felt better since last year.
I've had 3 Serendipitus fortunate accidents in my life where I wasn't hurt..

The 1st one I crashed my dad's car into a ditch joyriding when I was 15.
My brother and I fixed it and started doing bodywork and painting cars in the parent's garage.
The house had a long 2 ended driveway in trees so we could park cars hiddenly.
We fixed the neighbors rust buckets to bribe them.


Box fan exhaust through a water curtain for smell control

That gave me a career leading to becoming a 1%er.

The 2nd one was a few years later when a car I was trying to sell got written off from under me and the insurance gave me more money than it was worth.

Now this 3rd accident seems to have fixed my back :cool::LOL:

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Great news on the back! With your skillset and facilities did you ever consider doing the Trackhawk fix on your own? The 426 is a sweet toy! I’m probably older than you and I just can’t get excited about the EV’s.
I'm 64
The Trackhawk was too damaged plus getting parts.
It may not run right after getting fixed.
I test drove the BMW EV and liked it.
Now I'll have both ICE and EV SUVs similar horse power but 814 ft/lb
of Torque in the EV vs 580 in the SRT.

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Glad you are ok! The great thing is you got as much for it from the insurance as you paid!
You don't see that often with a lot of vehicles.
I got it for a real good price 74,500.00 March 2019, 3 1/2 years ago with 10k miles on it and FCA only made 10,000 of them plus Covid keeping used car prices up I had my fun and got 2k more than I paid:p

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The only BMW I would buy is X5M or M5 Comp.
I'm a Big American V8 guy other than owning a bunch of Datsun 240Zs
and driving the 76 Chevette in the garage picture.
One of my first cars was a 68 Firebird 400 4 speed convertible.
I test drove the EV M50 and liked it.
The reason I went with BMW is it's a traditionally styled SUV about the size and power of the Trackhawk and is available now.
It has been in production for a year.
It comes with a Warranty.
I'm older and have less time to waste and don't want to wait another year for a Blazer EV
I can always trade in the BMW for something else in a few years should something come up I like more.
Time to have some fun with 814 ft/lb of torque.
And for variety I still have my 600 awhp 426 SRT with SW Longtube Headers .

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It's not bad for the power it has, I just really don't like how it looks, it looks like another Hyundai or Kia mid size SUV, with exception of that big ugly grill in front. Frikin panda nose.
I'm not thrilled with the oversize Vagina Labia Grille :D but right now there's nothing else on the market I want.
I don't want to wait another year as I'm 64 with back issues and have less time to waste.
I could modify the Cooter grille but in a year or 2 I may trade it in for some other EV

Modified Grille

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My 426 SRT is pretty well on the Trackhawk power level.
It was 646 awhp which at the engine would be 760 hp.

I pulleyed it down 5% since it blew the transmission that was going Wa Wa Wa or shutting down on WOT so it's about 620 hp 580 torque at the wheels and realiable.
Having too many cars was the reason I decided to get an EV SUV.
That and their instant jump out of the hole torque.
I wanted to try a performance EV
Now with the Trackhawk totaled I'll keep the SRT as the BMW dealer will only give me 25k.
I like having 2 cars so for 25k I'll keep it.
We did MDS delete and I like having S and D mode.
I don't mind the ratchet shifter and have no problems with it.
Since now 'll be driving the SRT instead of trading it in I finished up my stereo transplant and put back the level controls and my Kenwood EQ.

The bolt on the cap was too short to hold 3 cables and a lock washer and the sub amp kept cutting out so I added an extra bracket that allowed me to use a lock washer.
I used black Gorilla Tape for insulation at the Cap and the Amp.

Laser Jammer kill switch, Backup Camera Squirter, Tweeters, Front Doors, Rear Doors,
Under Seat Subs, Rear Subs.


VW Tiguan nozzle

AL Laser Jammers

AL Control panel

V1 at top of A Pillar where cops don't see it especially if you flip the visor to cover it.


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Amazing setup, sound the same?
The Trackhawk had the HK with the extra door speakers but the head units are the same for HK and Alpine and use the same PAC Harness.
At this 5000 watt rms level of power with my new CT compact high quality amps there is really no difference.

It's Hair Raising Mirror Shaking Awesome ! :LOL:

HK 6x9 and 6.5 HK door speakers are dinky subs with small magnets and coils
The Hertz full range speakers in comparison

Hertz 6x9 and 6.5 full range Door Speakers

Speaker Baffles

Fixing buzzing door panels.
They are 2 piece, the pocket is separate.

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