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Ok all done.
Hooked the speakers up for 1/2 ohm since there are 2 speakers

The other option was to hook it up for 2 ohms but that's only 1600 watts rms vs 3200 at 1 ohm.
Not sure what the rms rating is for 1/2 ohm but it's
The gain is hardly half way.

Really thumps good.

This took me 10-12 hrs to redo.

300 amp breaker.

Left the short 4 gauge from the battery and that's fine according to the chart.
It's a pain to get to the positive.
300 amps says 4 gauge good for 1-4 ft.
I have 10 ft of the 1/0.
I get no dimming at all no matter how loud or thumping :D

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On a final note I have the AL Priority Talking Siren Jammer with the external speaker.
This is the control on my SRT


In order to be heard above the stereo I ran the speaker signal to an LC2i I had from before the PAC Harness.
It converts speaker wire output into RCAs that I then ran through a 200 watt Kicker amp like the one I used for the tweeters.
Then to a larger speaker under the seat.
You can see it all here.

the 2 Kicker amps and the LC2i and a 6.5" speaker.

This was what I started with before the PAC Harness.
It inputed off the full range backdoor speakers

I also have an old school Kenwood 7043 Digital EQ to play with now that I have my new amps.


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Amazing setup! Has the jammer paid for itself yet?
Jammers have saved me a few times over the years from getting a 30 over ticket.
Over the last 20 years the first jammer I had was called Blinder.
The modules failed within a year due to water damage.
The second jammer was LI Laser Interceptor talking siren that worked well until the new rolling code laser guns came out.
Instead of making a new system Serbia based LI closed down the US distribution.
AL Priority is designed for the new rolling code guns and can be programmed
and updated using a usb drive and cable.
They also have a huge forum.
Used to be every 4-6 months typically but I haven't been lasered since November 2019 with the onset of Covid.
Other than accident scenes the LEOs traffic enforcement disappeared for a year+ (y) and now are only doing rolling and stationary radar and about half or less traffic stops.
Now if you do get a ticket the traffic courts scared by Covid offer you a 150.00 parking or jaywalking ticket right off the bat.
No need to hire an attorney or court or traffic school anymore that would take up 8 hrs of your time.

They don't have to pay for judges, clerks and ushers and still get their cut of the money.

They make you an offer you can't refuse :D

The AL is about 1500.00 for the talking one.
The V1 radar detector is much more useful but the AL is nice when you need it.

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