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Welcome! And great job on the TH tunes so far.
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I want to thank all of you for welcoming us to the board. We have so much to offer on the TrackHawk and all late model hi performance cars Chrysler,Ford and GM. Not only do we have a passion for speed all of our employees are car enthusiasts and have a strong passion for speed and performance. Just to give you guys a little background on us and our company.

Any time we enter a new message board, we find that many people want to know more about our company, what our capabilities are, and of course, want to see examples of our work.

So first, some back story:

Livernois Motorsports is located in Dearborn Heights, MI at 2500 S Gulley Rd. We started operations around 1999, and are a 3rd generation of family owned companies to bear the Livernois name, tracing back our heritage to the original Livernois Engineering Co founded in 1949.

Our roots have always been deep in the automotive world, starting early on as an OEM supplier as well as a tooling and machine manufacturer for automotive components. Many of you likely have owned something in your life, whether a car, or something in your home that Livernois has helped with in some capacity as Livernois was most well known for it's thermal exchange products, namely having a big claim to fame manufacturing the first aluminum radiator for cars. Later, that aspect of Livernois became part of the Lennox heating and cooling corporation (hence that many of you likely have something Livernois related in your home).

Our beginning was sparked from Livernois Engineering's involvement in the Desert Race programs in the 1980's and 90's with Ford Motor Company, and continued with SCCA involvement further into the 90's. In the mid 90's, the drag racing involvement started, which ultimately sealed the deal for a dedicated offshoot dedicated to all things performance.

These experiences ensured we were able to hit the ground running, with a strong foundation and approach to engineering, testing, and building the parts and pieces necessary for enhanced performance, and the reliability people expected from their prized possessions.

Fast forward from our Ford roots, we expanded into the late model GM arena, offering services for the (then) brand new LS family of engines. This expanded offering further sent us down the path of developing complete solutions for vehicles, developing parts and components designed to find that balance of reliability, performance, and drivability that often is tough to achieve, refusing to accept the common "pick 2" approach so often forced upon customers today. Skip a little further forward in the story, and we start embracing the late model Hemi, being the first and only CMR tuner in Michigan for nearly 2 years. This early involvement started our path towards developing our own software to fill the gaps in commercially available offerings that were inhibiting the proper tuning of many platforms. From camshafts to valvetrain components, pistons to shortblocks, cylinder head porting to oiling/timing solutions, and of course driveline, exhaust, fuel system, and intake solutions, we develop superior offerings for every portion of the vehicles powertrain.

All of this led to the release of our MyCalibrator line of performance tuners, ensuring that our unique approach to tuning, and access to many unique parameters within the computer have a method to be delivered to those customers not willing or able to make the trek to our facility, but also allowing us to send our customers updates, and revisions after their initial tuning as well. We're also nearing release of a new generation of our MyCalibrator device that will allow for remote tuning for the 15-18 Chrysler vehicles, much as we do today on the 06.5-14 cars.

Take all of these experiences and it gives us the ability to offer unique solutions, and is a key part of the reason we were the first to offer true and proper dedicated E85 and Flex Fuel tuning for not only Hellcats, but also the 15-17 6.4 equipped SRT and Scat Pack offerings, and first to tune the 2018 MY of Chrysler vehicles.

We also have great engine packages from a drop in rod and piston kit for supercharged or nitrous applications on the 6.4 litre. All the way to a complete engine rebuild with custom cam specs ported CNC cylinder heads custom valve springs to match the camshaft so you can make big horsepower throughout the entire rpm range of whatever the build is.

Thank you sincerely
Livernois Motorsports
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