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When will Dealers find out about Allocations?

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Has anyone heard anything on allocations / build spec sheets and their timings?
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There hasn't been much news about release dates and allocations aside from the fact that Trackhawks will be roaming around Australia before the end of this year. What did your dealership say?
If you're really interested, even trying to contact Jeep directly, you may be able to get an answer from them. But start with the dealership first and then maybe bump up to corporate. If they see that you're really interested and have a high interest in purchasing one, they may provide you with info.
I have contacted about 5 local dealers who deny any information. Still trying to find one that even takes a deposit to get in line. I hoped my local dealer would consider that and take me seriously, especially considering I just bought a charger hellcat from them earlier this year, looks like they won't be getting my repeat business. Anyone else have any luck at least getting a spot on a wait list, even if they don't guarantee to sell at sticker?
Spoke with my dealership and they said they didn't have any information to give out that was concrete enough. They weren't even sure when they would find out so that's a tough one. They also made me aware that I can't leave a deposit because they don't know what their allocations would be.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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