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where are you selling your srt?

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track hawk is almost here, selling my '14 srt grand Cherokee.
I've posted on a few other sites, the usual suspects. Where are you all selling your srts?
Dealer is giving me a decent trade in, if all else fails I may do that.
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Some guys I know that flip cars for extra coin on the side like to sell privately in markets that have higher price points compared to where he lives. If that's an option that makes sense to you, definitely look into it, after all not everyone is looking to squeeze every dollar they can out of a deal.
yeah, I'm just trying to not lose a ton of money on it. Dealer trade in isn't too bad, but private selling is a PITA. the number of scam emails/calls I've gotten is pretty insane-- I don't know how anyone does anything on C.L.
I sold my '12 SRT to Carvana. Pristine and only 14,000 miles. They gave me $33K, and they came to my house to pick it up.
Hello all, I just picked up my wifes Trackhawk monday and in looking for some performance parts i came across these forums. I also own a small dealership that focuses more on exotics, luxury, higher end cars so if i can help anyone in getting rid of their SRT's let me know. I can give a buy bid or even take it in on consignment for you. Please dont hesitate to shoot me a text or give me a call with any questions.

Chris LeBoeuf
There are a lot of sites when you can find good cars ( new ). I should check cause I can not find them right now. I am a owner of a truck company and for example I have bought all my cars not direct from dealer (new) second hand. I have found guys from Avatar Fleet that helps me with documentation and my work became easier and I have more free time. I think sometimes if you have the possibility to save money and to do not buy things from dealer is a good opportunity.
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