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Will the Trackhawk have Performance Pages?

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If you've seen the performance pages setup on the Demon, you'll know what I'm talking about. But if you don't, it's essentially a system that gives a full-on readout of everything that's going on. It'll be able to measure drag times and information, full temperature/pressure readouts, G-force, launch control, cool down features, etc.

Do you think the Trackhawk will come equipped with all of that, and would they be of use to you?

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FCA has the tradition of doing the same thing over and over, odds are this will be no different and no reason to when they've already done the work here for the GC Trackhawk.

I haven't seen any other brands do otherwise.
So... do you think it will come with it....?

I can't see a reason why it won't come with it. It would make sense but it's not really a demon... the Hellcats don't have it so safe to say the Trackhawk shouldn't either. But on the other hand, this tech came out after the Hellcats so they might get it later on.
Well, I took the time out to research this properly. Turns out Hellcats have already had a system very similar to this with very slight differences so the Trackhawk will definitely get it and I can imagine the Hellcats will just need an update. That settles that.
Figured that would be the case since its rare they go a different route especially when expectations have been built up as much as they have so far, of course with the current hellcat products out. Just look at everything else they have going on and the same level of consistency can be found. Rinse, wash, repeat.
True... and since they're coming out at the same time, why would you cut one short of the other. Just makes sense to transfer it completely over to one another.
Especially when you consider the fact the current Uconnect 8.4 system came out last year, so they had time to make the necessary changes, just a matter of configuring the software accordingly. This is the easiest part of the process, beats all the other potentail R&D issues we discovered here.
I've just finished ordering my track hawk and that was one of my questions, yes it does have the enhanced driver pages!
I've just finished ordering my track hawk and that was one of my questions, yes it does have the enhanced driver pages!
Nice, I ordered mine today. Did you get a delivery date estimate? My guy wasn't sure.
They just say before Christmas. But I heard the hellcat was 8 months behind so he didn't want to be specific. He did however say next week the dealers had another call and they would discuss the production run (how many they're are making), 2nd round allocations, and delivery. So next week expect more information. I'm excited for the track experience in Arizona. Every new srt owner gets a free track experience but they are speculating there could be a special one for the new track hawk owners!!
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