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You Have 1 Year to Begin Saving for a Hellcat Grand Cherokee

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This week at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show Mike Manley revealed to a lowly, Toronto based blog, that the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk- featuring the venerable Hellcat motor- would be on the market before the end of 2017.

Vvuzz: "I like going fast, my favorite Jeep is the SRT. So could you put a Hellcat motor in one of those for me?

Mike Manley: "Not only can I put a Hellcat motor in one of those for you, I'm going to bring that to market before the end of 2017"

VV: "Really?"

MM: "Yea, just for you" [laughs]

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He sounds like he's joking around but as a CEO, he more than anyone should know that his words are going to be taken seriously. Not sure right now...
According to one youtube comment ,"directly following this interview it was then confirmed by at least two other high ranking FCA employees." So the Jeep Hellcat Cherokee is a done deal.
Sounds like he`s joking but people in high up positions like that are known to not joke around and send info like that. A lot remain tight lipped unless they intent on making known what they`re saying.
If YouTube comments carried such gravitas, the world would be a worse place overall.
Could have come from a reliable source, at the least it's something to think about and use to look more into.
I just find the way this was announced to be odd. I believe it now, but it seemed off the cuff, or unplanned. No harm, no foul I suppose.
We'll have to wait and see if he's really joking or not. I'd like to think he's actually giving us legitimate information.
I'm a little surprised that they are moving ahead with this to, since the company seemed to be delaying and cancelling a lot and I figure this model isn't exactly going to be a volume seller.
As you can imagine with what else they have going on being a big company, products like this aren't entirely a top priority but still needs to be done, probably those things that held it back.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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